Because data is the heart of the enterprise, it’s crucial for you to protect it and therefore it is critical to implement a data backup and recovery plan.

Data backup is your insurance policy – a policy which can protect you against accidental loss of user data, database corruption, hardware failures, and even natural disasters.

Datarch work with companies to create viable backup strategies using the following steps:

Creating a Backup and Recovery Plan

This is probably the most important part of implement the backup strategy as it defines exact customer requirements for their data protection

Criticial questions to define the rules of a backup strategy are as follows:

How important is the data on your systems?
What type of information does the data contain?
How often does the data change?
How quickly do you need to recover the data?
Do you have the equipment to perform backups?
Who will be responsible for the backup and recovery plan?
What is the best time to schedule backups?
Do you need to store backups off-site?
Selecting Backup Devices and Media

Once a backup plan has been defined, selecting a backup device is relatively easy – Datarch have significant experience in offering both tape and disk hardware solutions.

For the traditional solution using tape library storage Datarch offer mainly LT06 and LT07 technologies, however backup to disk has gained significant ground in recent years and is now seen as the best way to handle day to day backup and restore requirements.

As a multi vendor solution provider, we pride ourselves in being able to offer the best and most cost effective solutions, to this end we work with the customer to match the available budget with best hardware available.


Tape has long been perceived as being the least reliable of any aspect of IT hardware, so to this end Datarch always ensure that any tape hardware has a minimum of 3 year warranty (5 year is often now given) from the manufacturer, these longer support warranties offer customer piece of mind and low ongoing operational costs.

Installation and Backing Up of Data

Datarch pre-sales and installation engineers work with customer to ensure that solution proposed are installed and configured in an efficient and timely manner, as part of our sevicewe provide custom printed barcode labelled media so that backup software operates seamlessly with tape media – cutting out the uncertainly of operational errors.

The Bundled Option

Datarch have a range bundled backup solutions- these all inclusive packages offer the customer an upfront cost and a complete backup solution at a fixed price – all cost from the hardware and software provision to the on-site engineer and the tape media itself and included.


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