Our newest NSA evaluated and listed DEGAUSSER erases hard drives and other magnetic media in 20 seconds or less!

It produces a magnetic field of at least 20,000 Gauss (2 Tesla) per cycle and is APPROVED to handle Top Secret/Classified data.

For performance verification, its internal Gaussmeter guarantees every cycle meets NSA specifications.

The T-5 is the ultimate degausser for efficiency and data security.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Listed on the National Security Agency’s Evaluated Products List (NSA EPL-Degausser) and complies with DoD requirements for destroying TOP SECRET and classified information on magnetic media.
  • Internal gaussmeter guarantees consistent performance by reporting the magnetic field strength of every cycle numerically on a blue LCD display.
  • Fully automatic operation – no drawer to open and close. Simply insert media into top slot and push start button.
  • Light, portable design – tabletop or floor operation.
  • Has digital cycle counter and status display.
  • CESG Approved (UK) and CE Approved (EU).
  • Manufactured in the USA in ISO 9001 certified facilities.
  • Permanent destruction of confidential and classified data.
  • Compliance with recognized standards and regulations, including NIST, FACTA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLB, GDPR, etc.
  • Sanitizes both Longitudinal and Perpendicular recorded media and is projected to reliably degauss future media with increased coercivities and higher Oersteds (Oe).
  • Stores energy from previous cycles to reduce subsequent cycle times and save energy.
  • Field Strength of at least 20,000 Gauss per cycle
  • Options include: 12 Volt battery, deployment case with wheels, custom dust cover, and more.


Dimensions (Metric) 48 x 25 x 66 cm
Name Proton T-5 Degausser
Power Dual Voltage – Automatically converts between 110V and 220V; 60/50 Hz; single phase
Media Size Accommodates all magnetic media within 2.5 x 15 x 11 cm
Duty Cycle Continuous
Cycle Time 15 seconds
Field Strength 20,000 Gauss (+2 Telsa)

 58 kg


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